Accessibility Work - Few Samples

This page has been designed to showcase few samples of Accessibility work to Pearson (in response to Accessibility tasks RFP). QA InfoTech has a team of Subject Matter Experts, Accessibility developers and Quality Engineers. SMEs provide the captioning, image & video descriptive services, as applicable. Accessibility developer include/embed these aspects (captioning, description or ALT text) in the HTML, CSS or source code as required to make the products accessible as per WCAG 2.0 AA or Section 508 guidelines. For Accessibility QA testing, we follow a unique approach of pairing up Non-sighted users with sighted test engineers and validations are done as per Section 508 & WCAG guidelines. Having the non-sighted testers in team ensures 100% usability test coverage from end user’s perspective.

Pie Chart

The pie chart shows the content areas for the social studies module : 50% civics and government, 20% U.S. History, 15% Economics and 15% Geography and the world.

User List
S.No First Name Last Name Username
1 Mark Otto @mdo
2 Jacob Thornton @fat
3 Larry the Bird @twitter


Pannel 1 data

Pannel 2 data

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